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In-Stock Diesel Engine Parts from DSG

The table below contains a SMALL sampling of the high quality DSG parts we keep in stock at our strategically located warehouses in Kansas City, KS, Knoxville, TN, Miami, FL, Dallas, TX, and, most recently, Visalia, CA. To inquire about specific parts from DSG that are not listed below you may either fill out the form on the left side of this page or click the button at the bottom to go to our contact form for sales.

Item ID


0947134 Pin-Piston
1014495 Body As-Piston
1031800 Rotocoil Assy
1051710 Piston As
1077563 Piston As
1168154 Piston As
1220321 Valve
1220322 Valve
1280395 Bearing-Rod
1280400 Bearing-Main
1317123 Bearing
1329793 Lifter As
1334983 Piston Crown
1406188 Spring-Valve
1487425 Guide-Valve
1621589 Guide-Valve
1687209 Ring-Piston
1838172 Guide
1903562 Liner-Cylind
1S3062 Director
IW8606 Valve 2N9300
2165582 Bearing-Slee
2382710 Skirt Piston
2382729 Body As-Piston
2816157 Spring-Valve
2A3746 Plug
2K0715 Washer
2S4213 Spring
2S4366 Shim
2W2621 Valve
2W2877 Valve
3322152 Spring
3B1472 Lock
4F2218 Locknut
4N0685 Bushing
4N6658 Bushing
4W2471 Spring
5H7071 Director
5I7630 Cap
5I7738 Valve
5I7784 Bearing Set
5M3373 Ring
6I1638 Base Inj
6N7175 Rotocoil A
7N4782 Spring
7S4433 Ferrule
8D9507 Brg Sleeve
8J1620 Bearing
8N4183 Washer
8S6047 Shim
8S6511 Bearing
8V6293 Spacer
9M1393 Ring


Don't see what you're looking for? Not to worry. This is just a small sampling of our extensive inventory of high quality parts from DSG. To inquire about a specific part not found in the table above, fill out the form at the top of this page or click the button below to contact sales directly.

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